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"Only me to know" is a short documentary about Inès, a lesbian woman from Belgium who has studied and lived in Uganda for a while.
At the time she was living there, she never told anyone about her sexuality.
Now, after more than 3 years, she felt it was time to meet her best friends as a couple and tell them the truth about her.

7 Rounds: During the Muslim ban in 2017, two young Indian engineers go to their local bar only to encounter a series of challenges related to perceptions of their ethnicity.

Gaurdian: Manuel (Carlos Flores, Jr) is a gay Latino teen who lacks guidance and support. Even though his mother, Anna (Virginia Blanco) deeply cares for him, she is only able to prove and instill her love through video tapes made from afar. Keeping his sexuality and boyfriend (Connery Morano) a secret from his homophobic father (Roy Manzanares), Manuel must decide the life he wants to live or end.

"The World Can Wait" Vic is a popular lesbian character in a hit television series. But when the Executives in charge of the show gather to decide her fate, she finds herself having to fight for her survival.

Seeing Glory: Gloria prepares a feast of the senses for the rapidly ailing Eva in an attempt to share a perfect evening and be seen for the woman she truly is. Writer-director Rick Hamilton's newest film is a bittersweet story of fine wine, dementia and the immortal words of Virginia Woolf.

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Native Americans have dodged bullets since first contact with Europeans. This film brings a cross-generational sampling of Indigenous people, researchers, and politicians to reveal stunning reasons for their disproportionately high incidences of health and social issues. This collection of remarkable stories, names Historical Trauma as the unique and insidious part of the genetic code that resilient Native American populations are still finding ways to dodge.

88 Cents: After losing five years behind bars, a man begins his new life in San Francisco, eager to find a job, a home, and a second chance.

Entre Nos is a spanish-lanuguage animated series about one family's path to acceptance of their gay son. The series of short episodes (2 - 6 minutes) follow one Latinx family as they learn about their gay son's sexual orientation and begin to learn more about the intersection of LGBTQ and Latinx communities. The series tackles issues of coming out, family acceptance, religion, conversion therapy, and gender.

July 1944, An Asian American soldier Corporal Soo is thrown into a Nazi work camp on a farm in Germany as his family back home in America are forced into an American Japanese concentration camp in Manzanar California. The allied soldiers think Soo is a Japanese soldier and segregate him. Soo must fight to let go of the past in order to be set free.

Drawn Together: Comics, Diversity and Stereotypes looks at the pervasive culture of racist stereotyping in U.S. society through the lens of comics and their dynamic creators.

San Francisco cannabis activists and enthusiasts will want to catch this documentary short that chronicles the critical role the city and LGBT activists has played in legalizing medical cannabis. In early 2015, young filmmaker Brian Applegarth got involved in the cannabis world, crossing paths with famed and respected human rights and cannabis activist Dennis Peron. Applegarth spent time with Peron "absorbing stories of activism that are layered with passion, battles for human rights and political strategy," that informed his creation of The Secret Story

The Scraper Bike Team empowers urban youth living in underserved communities through self-expression and creativity. We encourage youth entrepreneurship and promote healthy, sustainable living for all. The Scraper Bike Team will use each work of bicycle art to impact social justice and global change.

The film, Nyima, is a modern day story of a low caste family struggling to survive and redefine their cultural identity in the isolated Himalayan village of Samagaun. Immersed in Tibetan culture and deeply rooted in Buddhist beliefs, they have been pushed to the outskirts of their community where they live in a captivatingly raw and unforgiving environment. Their story as poor Dalits (persons of the lowest caste) is eloquently told through the curious mind of a young protagonist, Nyima.

"City Of Ghosts" tells the story of a man that is deported to Mexico after spending the majority of his life in America. Separated from his daughter and family who are back in The U.S., he finds himself sequestered in Tijuana, a stranger in a strange land.

Keepsake: Full of food and hopes, this documentary follows three Asian-Europeans from different generations who recount their ongoing experiences as immigrants in their country.

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Mt. Tamalpais to Fruitvale: "Listen to the people's story; hear the cry...." Filmed at a series of community events to honor and celebrate the lives of people of color lost to police violence, we witness people uniting in activism, song and the wisdom of the elders. This hip hop video ranges from the beautiful nature of Mt. Tamalpais to the scary, sad and also often heartening realities of urban Fruitvale Station where we're "fighting the war for peace in a system we can't trust...". How will you take action?

A Gentle Magic: A documentary film exploring the history and resurgence of skin bleaching and lightening in post-apartheid South Africa.

Gasoline: Our love affair with gasoline is ending.

It's a break-up song and Missy D is singing, "You took me for a ride and now we're lost. I'm choking on your pollution trip."

"You Can Be BRAVE" is a feature documentary about one mother’s 15-year journey boldly fighting for her son, who has an intellectual and developmental disability, to be included in all areas of society. You will see how her perspective on disability evolved, and how she is continuing to break barriers to (dis)ABILITY inclusion. You will understand what we as a community can do to take informed, intentional action to include people of all abilities.

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Aatif Baskanderi grew up in a place where not many people looked like him or believed in the same things that he did. As a Muslim child of Pakistani immigrants, Newfoundland became home. His experiences growing up on “the rock” was like something out of a story book. On this cold, isolated island in the Atlantic ocean, Aatif learned sincerity and appreciation for others that would set him up for remarkable success in life