Crying Liberty: 10/22 @6:20pm 

Music video follows Lady Liberty on her journey through multiple worlds that reflect our society today. We watch helplessly as she tries to rediscover who she is and what she was created for.

2017 Official Selections

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Living on the edge: 10/22 @4:30pm A startling revelation about the abysmal working conditions in Bollywood which is now laying claim to be global giant and churning out thousands of hours of content. The technicians and workers are deprived of social security and long punishing working hours take their toll on their health.

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Violet & June: 10/21 @2:45pm A short film about falling in love, the terror of being alive in a cold heartless universe, and butts.

Calvin's story:10/21 @4:30pm Coming out to his parents as gay, this young black man has been surviving homelessness on the streets of Chicago for years. We learn about his story, life, and aspirations to be a massage therapist.

Queendom of Tonga 10/21 @4:30pm

Brian, the only apparently out gay man to volunteer in the Peace Corps Tonga program (2005-2007) for as long as the staff could remember, is told to hide his sexuality. He soon must grapple with feeling as though he does not completely fit into his small village where he is an elementary school teacher. He quickly finds friendship and guidance with a group of Tongan boys and men who identify as fakaleitis (“like a lady”, though today the term leiti "lady" is used and preferred), who are looked upon with fascination and disdain by their fellow Tongans.

Arianna: 10/21 @4:30pm

a young and brilliant transexual lawyer is ready to deal with an interview for the job she desires. Now, after a long self-acceptation path, the only thing she needs is a job that would permit her to be indipendent and have a normal life.

Play Your Gender: 10/22 @2:20pm 5% of music producers are women even though many of the most bankable pop stars are female. Only 6 women have ever been nominated for the ‘Producer of the Year’ Grammy, and no woman has ever won. In PLAY YOUR GENDER, Juno award-winning producer Kinnie Starr is on a quest to find out why this disparity exists by speaking to music industry stars and veterans about the realities of being a woman in the recording studio.

Still in motion: 10/22 @2:20pm Story capturing the journey of a Rohingya refugee girl who seeks freedom from her unsafe village. She travels with her brother and together, they entrust their fate with a middleman who suggests taking the less conventional route of travelling.

Where I belong: 10/22 @4:30pm A short film about feeling like an outsider in your own family who speaks a different language from you.

In the Mirror: 10/21 @1pm

In New York, a son finds his transgender father
- a medium length film violently delicate.
Joëlle is not your average father. When her son suddenly turns up in NY just when her life is in full reconstruction after a sex reassignment, she's not ready to play the doting father.

Stop Trafficking: 10/22 @6:20pm Today, with the instant reach of social media and the explosion in cyber-porn, a child sex slave can be purchased online and delivered to a customer more quickly than a pizza. Stopping Traffic investigates the international crisis of human sex trafficking, particularly of minors, from a deeply personal point of view. It is anchored by frank interviews with child sexual abuse and sex trafficking survivors and veteran activists, with additional commentary from social service agents, academics, and young activists.

Landscapes: 10/21 @2:45pm Four ladyboys working in the rubber tree forests at night, in the rice fields during the day, looking for a way to survive, exist and have the others accept them with their difference. A human, sensible quest in one of the poorest regions of south-east Asia.

Dress to Express: 10/21 @12:30pm tells the story of a young boys progressive journey whilst experiencing gender dysphoria under the influence of a transphobic father.

The single Boring I Love You: 10/22 @12:30pm  is a collaboration by Meattle and Malik. An Indian electroacoustic project, Meattle and Malik comprises of Raghav Meattle on the vocals and Nikhil Malik on the guitar. The music video, produced and directed by Nikhil Malik features five deaf students from the Noida Deaf Society in India. Each of these five actors cannot hear any part of the lyrics or music.

Yolis: 10/22 @12:30pm Maribel Lopez goes to visit her mother at an immigration detention center the day before her mother is to be deported. She is not allowed to see her and Maribel returns home to pack a suitcase that she is sending with a friend to Mexico so her mother will have clothes when she arrives in Mexico. As Maribel is packing the suitcase she receives a phone call that will force her to deal with the situation.

Like Father: 10/21 @2:45pm

The film “Like Father” revolves around a Jewish New Yorker, who is a bedridden patriarch dying of lung cancer (Lenny). His gay son (Jake) wants him to admit he was a bad father. Instead, Lenny confesses (for the very first time to another human being), that despite his long-lasting marriage and faithfulness to Jake’s mother , he’s always been attracted to men but never acted on it.

Crazy: 10/22 @12:30pm In 2011, Eric, diagnosed schizophrenic, faces a critical choice - comply with traditional mental health treatment or follow his own path to wellness. CRAZY provides a front row seat to one person’s struggle with his illness, his family, the local mental health system, psych meds and the right to make his own treatment decisions.

Rejection: 10/21 @1pm A busy canteen. A pair of women shoes leave a table. Kim is looking for the toilet. In the lavatory for ladies, two students are shocked at Kim's appearance and start tattling immediately. The pair of women shoes leave again. Not feeling welcomed at all. Again...

New Neighbors: 10/22 @2:20pm

How far will a Mother go to protect her children?

A 2017 Sundance Official Selection, New Neighbors is a story about a mother and her two sons who move to a new neighborhood, and because of all the killings and assaults on Black lives she is determined to keep her family safe. She takes to the neighborhood with kids in tow.

Geeta: 10/22 @6:20pm has been brought to the United states as domestic worker by an Indian couple with the promises of giving her the American Dream. After moving to America, the new environment surpasses her ideal because of her poor socio-economic upbringing.

Decoding DarkMatter: 10/21 @4:30pm  is a short documentary film about two Asian transgender poetry performance artists: Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian. It documents their journey from Stanford University, where they began performing together as DarkMatter, to their first large theater production, It Gets Bitter, at Joe’s Pub in New York City. DarkMatter’s performances are a mixture of art, theater, and poetry.

Remember Everything to Not Forget Anyone: 10/22 @12:30pm A man is walking around Lampedusa, an Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, reciting the names of the victims of October 3rd 2013, when more than 500 emigrants died while attempting to reach Europe. This man is Marco Pietrantuono. He is one of the very few established Italian hyperthymesiacs, people with an extraordinary autobiographical memory. If the victims’ names are declared by a person who will never forget their names, they will be remembered, thus symbolically alive, for ever.

"The 3rd Try": 10/21 @ 2:45pm
An emotionally unstable lesbian couple tries to find solace after experiencing a traumatic loss.

Prince: 10/22 @4:30pm A soulful song about the identity crisis between not being Asian or American enough when you're Asian-American and about how in every PRINCEss waiting to be saved, there is a Prince within them.

Approaching: 10/21 @1:00pm Fifteen-year-old Roma boy Martin is running away from home, hoping to start a new life in Prague. The only other passenger in the train compartment, is an old man - the last person from who would Martin expect to find some understanding. Yet slowly they find soul mate in each other.

Artists in Absentia: 10/22 @4:30pm Shifting back and forth from behind bars to the world outside, this short documentary follows the work of volunteers who help inmates at a Wisconsin minimum-security prison mount a multi-media exhibition at the state capital's central library.